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4 May
PRESTIGE is looking for KNOWLEDGEABLE, ENERGETIC, & DEPENDABLE individuals to help with our growing programs!! Please contact/send resumes to: info@prestigegymnastics.com  
18 May
We are very excited to introduce the newest member of our Coaching Team!  Marcia Frederick has an extensive background in the sport of gymnastics – including being the 1st ...
22 Jun
Here at Prestige, we don’t want to just be a “source of fun”, we also want to be a major positive influence in your child’s future! That’s why ...
22 Sep
Check out information on our upcoming Family Fitness Challenge!  Stop!  Look around…what are the kids doing right now? Are they on their technology? Or even ...

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  • Went here with my daughter Paisely for her friends 2 year old birthday party and she loved it. The staff was really helpful and worked great with them!

  • Find out your child’s full potential at Prestige Gymnastics. A great place!

    Jodi D
  • I am so thankful we found Prestige! You guys are amazing with the girls! Your gym is heads and shoulders above any that I have seen around. All of your coaches have a magical way of making all the hard work fun!

  • I am so grateful to you for creating such a safe, loving, and hardworking environment. It has meant the word to me and my entire family. Today, when you looked around that gym with over 100 plus kids in Prestige leos, happy faces, teammates supporting teammates, you felt the comrodere. I hope you personally felt pride, because that is what you have created & accomplished in such a short time. Congratulations on an amazing year.

  • You may teach gymnastics skills all throughout practice – but just realize you also teach kids to care about each other and support one another and that is an amazing gift to the world. Being a teacher myself I am way too aware that not enough people give recognition to this so I HAVE to shout it out to the world when I see it!

    Jodi K