10 Reasons to Enroll your Little One in Gymnastics at Prestige this Olympic Year!

⭐️1. Gymnastics has been proven to boost brainpower! Studies have shown that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that challenges both the body as well as the mind. The very nature of the sport can lead to increased focus & concentration both inside and outside of the gym!
⭐️2. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, & agility …all skills that can help lay a foundation for a future in ANY sport!
⭐️3. It’s affordable! At Prestige, we offer both sibling & multiple class discounts as well as fundraising opportunities for our competitive team athletes!
⭐️4. We keep ‘em busy & away from the screen! We are proud to offer daytime programs throughout school vacation weeks! (Including Summer!)
⭐️5. We offer both group & private lessons! Find a fit that’s right for you!
⭐️6. Start them young! Our classes begin as early as 16mo. old!
⭐️7. Prestige offers “Super Tot” & “Pre-Team” programs for those gymnasts whose listening skills, ability to make corrections, & eagerness to learn set them apart! The goal of these programs is to give these gymnasts a chance to build on their skill level, increase their strength & flexibility, and to prepare them for eventual competitive gymnastics.
⭐️8. Prestige believes in the importance of leading by example! Parents have opportunities throughout the year to join their gymnasts in the gym during our Family Fitness Nights!
⭐️9. Build friendships & relationships with teammates & coaches that last a lifetime!
⭐️10. It’s…..FUN!!

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