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Check out information on our upcoming Family Fitness Challenge! 
Stop!  Look around…what are the kids doing right now? Are they on their technology? Or even worse….are you? That is what has happened to our culture and environment. We have succumbed to smartphones and have relinquished all control to social media!
Today it is way too easy to get on your phones/iPads/etc and become involved in nonsense. If a camera followed you around all day, how much time would you log on social media?  Don’t get me wrong, some of us run businesses on our technological devices. But there are times that we need to put it away and defrag. We NEEd time for ourselves at least 1 hour per day. Whether it’s for meditation, reading, health and wellness, family time, etc
For most of us, we just run around all day getting from one minute to the next, one task to the next. But at what point does it stop. How do we break the cycle and show our children the balance of life? Schedule it in…that’s how! Heck you probably waste more than that hour on FB/Instagram/Snapchat!
Our children need to be aware of their own health and wellness. I hate to say it, but let’s call this a little “tough love” here.  They learn by example.  Who is their biggest example? YOU ARE! So take a peek at your wellness.  Can it be improved? I know it can! Please don’t misconstrue that I am saying you are an unhealthy lump. Lol. Because I am NOT! We are all a work in progress, we all can improve on every aspect of our lives. Nobody’s perfect, but we seek to be better.
The best way is to lead by example.  Children learn from their surroundings…they are mostly products of their environments. So how important is family fitness? EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  Working out together with your children is so empowering to all of you! Here is a list of positives to consider:
1. You push harder to be your best for them
2. You motivate each other
3. Cheer each other on
4. You work together to get stronger, faster, better
6. They are proud of you for doing it
7. You joke around during the workout and LAUGH
8. You develop a different bond together
9. You create memories
10. You become a healthier, better you!
So why not?!?!  Listen, it doesn’t need to be crazy…a simple walk gets it started.
Give it a shot. I promise you will have no regrets other than you should have done it sooner!
Check out information on our upcoming Family Fitness Challenge! 

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