Tumble Classes

Beginner Classes – no experience necessary!

Mixed Classes – classes will cover basic handstand and
bridge work all the way through to layouts & twisting skills!

Each class is 45 min. Monthly tuition is based on 1 class
per week. Multiple class discounts available! Tumblers
are to attend the same class time each week!.

Private Lessons


Recommended for our more advanced tumblers. Take
advantage of some one on one time to better focus on your
own skill development. A great opportunity to spend extra
time on drills to help speed up your progression!

30 min – $25 45 min – $37.5 60 min – $50

E-mail us for details!

Group Discounts


Great idea for any Cheer/Dance Teams looking to
improve their tumbling skills! Come with a group of
10 or more and pay only $40 for a month of classes!
E-mail us to set up a time for your group!

Skills Clinics


Prestige offers a number of skills clinics throughout
the year. Ranging from cartwheels to back
handsprings, these hour long clinics can’t be beat!
Check out website or E-mail us for details on
upcoming clinics!




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